Tips & Tricks for Consumers

Struggling to remember to bring your reusable bags with you? Here are some ideas that can help.

Top of the List

Get in the habit of writing “reusable bags” at the top of every shopping list. Top of list, top of mind!

Location, location, location

Put your reusable bags in a place where it will be easy for you to see them. Hang them on a hook by your front door, stash them in a basket on the front porch, or keep a set in your trunk. The easier they are for you to see on your way to the store, the more likely you are to bring ‘em!

Cart to the Car

Left your reusable bags in your car when you were heading into the grocery store? No worries! Just bring your items out to the parking lot in a basket or cart and bag them up car-side.

Tote Timer

If you’ve found a place for keeping your reusable bags that works for you, remember to return them to that location as soon as you finish unloading your shopping. How? Try setting a timer. Give yourself fifteen minutes to unload, and when the timer goes off, the bags go back!

Bag your bag

Keep a foldable reusable bag in your purse, your wallet, or even on your keychain (some of them can really get quite tiny!). That way, whenever you make a purchase, you’ll have your handy bag right there with you.

Beautify your bag

It’s easier to remember your reusable bag when you love how it looks. Find a tote that speaks to your style or, better yet, create one–get out the glitter, sequins, stickers, puffy pens! Your bag is a blank canvas (but not for long!).

Set a smart reminder

Put your smartphone to work for you! Ask Siri to remind you to bring your reusable bags with you whenever you arrive at your favorite shopping destinations.

Leave a note

Whether it’s a sticky-note on your front door or a cute sticker on your dashboard, post a reminder to bring your reusable bags with you when you shop.

Reward yourself

Did you remember to bring your reusable bags every time you went to the store this month? Take a moment to reward yourself with something that’s meaningful to you. You’re helping to create a healthier community and planet!